freeman hospitality

In 2055, America is recovering from a second civil war. A family-run private security company escorts a foreign journalist into the war torn badlands of South Georgia to interview a local warlord.

Seeking crew

Seeking local Georgia crew for a pilot/proof of concept short film called ‘Freeman Hospitality’. Principle photography is feb 18th-21st. Rate is 100/day but there will be crowdfunding once principle photography is complete. Looking for team players, people who are looking to build their port, and those who are engaged by grounded sci fi.



1st AD

There are two primary locations and you’ll be working with a strong Producer, Production Manager and Director who have a great hold on how we’ll get our story told within that time frame.



Art/Prop Stylist

This script has two locations. An old home and an old field. I’m shooting this pilot with the current house aesthetic in mind and we’re only adding a few elements to show their home as a live/work space for a small business. Once we’re on the field, wardrobe is the main focus, with a few prop weapons that need to be kept track of.



Wardrobe supervisor

Majority of the wardrobe is Military style dress. Think plate carrier vest with thick denim pants and tactical wardrobe underneath. Looking for someone with a keen eye for complimenting colors within a scene



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