The Rundown Seasons 1 & 2

Real Talk, Real Tv, Real Vibes

That is the catch phrase from our exhilarating host Giselle D' Wassi along with Dj Stephen  The Rundown is a travel/lifestyle show focusing on all things music and entertainment in the Caribbean.  This show spanned over a year. We shot season one in Trinidad in February and we just wrapped season two in Miami. And at the end of the day it was a realization of how hard it is to start a project like this from scratch, and the juicy successful feeling to see something you've helped create reach its full potential on Broadcast TV. 

I drew heavy from my time working at TBS where shoots like this were the norm. A heavy studio day, energetic talent and subject mater, a condensed schedule, these were all familiar pressures. But the control of the studio environment, and a solid production team spanning above and below the line is what made the days.

The Rundown is also uniquely special because our shooting schedule are centered around Carnival celebrations. The energy and life force feeds off of that. All our subjects are in one place at one time so we must go to them. After a long day of studio shoots most of our guest had events, parties, fetes or celebrations that evening that spoke even more true to their character and that would allow us to capture a festive Caribbean experience.  

Machel Montano concert/Trinidad

Machel Montano concert/Trinidad

Its quite amazing actually. 

Shooting a broadcast level quality talk show without alot of the usual support or resources can be challenging. The production company, Align Pictures, put their heart and soul into this project. They trusted me with their visions and asked me to help them craft the look of the show. In technical terms we were making a canned show. Shooting entire seasons that would then be sold, to the network for distribution. In the midst of all the chaos, It helps to be surrounded by some therapeutic scenery. 

The Rundown was not an easy project. These type of shows are rarely made outside of large networks, for good reasons. Networks have resources, standing studio space, advertising dollars and everything else to whip these out as if it were nothing. For all the reasons that it shouldn't have been done, I think that was honestly the driving force in me signing on to this show. Cordielle and Caroline brought me their idea, backed by all their years of experience and laid out a plan for success. If it weren't for the connections of Cordielle and Caroline at Align Pictures, the personality and far reaching influence of our host, a series of deals, negotiations and amazing timing I'd be hard pressed to think there would be a second season, let alone a first. True it had bumps along the road, but each hurdle, hardened our resolve to push forward. Taking the plunge to create this with some courageous people and finally seeing it have its day in the sun just makes it all the more rewarding.


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