Walmart #FightHunger

You wish all your jobs had a social impact of this size. 

Thats one thing that rang true all through pre & post production. Each job is special in its own right, but I could probably count on one hand how many jobs encouraged a larger follow through and a call to action of this magnitude. It was an honor and privilege to Direct this spot for Walmart's #Fighthunger campaign.

Thought and process

Creatively, this script went through alot of changes till we landed on the right one. Adrienne Nicole was the Executive Producer on this project and from day 1 I felt at ease. Her production company brought me in early to really help craft the story via Walmart's wishes. We knew from the beginning that we would be working with reverend Chianti Mitchell, who had dealt with the task of fighting hunger in her own community. Her story would carry the narrative, and visually we'd see the pastor welcoming her flock into the worship house. The only caveat? Walmart wanted our pastor's story to be true, and authentic, I.E. no set script. I worked with reverend Mitchell for a few weeks to really understand her story. On the day of principle photography when we had our interview I knew the right questions to ask, and reverend Mitchell was beyond comfortable. 

Team work make the dream work

It was an amazing crew from top to bottom. We shot on the Alexa Amira with Optimo zoom lenses to really give us the intimate warm feeling keeping with the Walmart brand. Leading the visual charge was Cinematographer Hilda Mercado and her Bcam Op Denise Bailie. Instantly Hilda and I clicked, she understood my motivations and brought alot of stylistic and lighting choices herself. This Director & DP relationship is always big for me since I still photograph alot of the projects I Direct. 

If you're looking for any drama you won't find any here. I'm always amazed and constantly blessed at how smooth my shoots run. The crew gels nicely, the clients are all happy, and we come away with an amazing product that reminds us why we do what we do. Its an indescribable  feeling. Untill the next time, thank you to each and everyone involved. 

Exec Producer - Adrienne Nicole

Director - Mike Cooke

Producer - Phoenix Higgins

Prod Manager - Joshlyn Hargrove

1st AD - Devaughn Hughson 

2nd AD - Justin Higgins

Dir of Photography - Hilda Mercado

Camera Op - Denise Bailie

1st AC - A Camera Warren Brace

1st AC - B Camera Stephan Cook

2nd AC - Rose Ashikyan

DIT - Darnell Williams 

VTR - Paul "Tre" James 

Storyboard Artist - Tony Zollo

Gaffer - Ben Lambeth

Key Grip - Doug Davis

Swing - Andrew O'Berry

Sound Mixer - Peter Redding

Hair - Derrel Dabney

Hair - Lashae Cole

Make Up - Zavia Rawlins

Makeup - Teena Kim

Wardrobe - Stylist Troy Clinton

Catering - Angela Foster

Craft Service - Chelsia Green

PA - Nate Patterson

PA - Everett Johnson

PA - Francine Simon

PA - John Johnson Jr

PA - Ndeye Thioubou

PA - LeeAnn Chisolm

Photographer - Brittany Wages